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Local reporting constitutes the core competency of regional publishing houses.

For the readers as well, the local section is one of the most important departments of a newspaper. Due to the economic and the organizational effort, it is not possible to cover every topic of the local microcosm by means of traditional editorial ways. Owing to the readers’ demand for these topics, though, platforms for local content emerge seperately from the range of newspapers: blogs, wikis, thematic websites and video platforms. In a consulting project, Gogol Publishing demonstrates how the potential of the readers can be accessed and which tools are suitable for this purpose.

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Peter Taubald, Editor in chief, Madsack Heimatzeitungen

Peter Taubald, Editor in chief, Madsack Heimatzeitungen

„Due to the integration of user generated content, we add to our journalistic offer and get still closer to the reader.“

Benefits for the publisher

In the workshop, you will obtain guidance with regard to the application of user generated content:

  • What role can reader reporters play for the local strategy of the publisher?
  • How can readers provide additional value to the desk?
  • Which tools are best suitable for the integration of readers?

Contents of the consultancy project (one-day workshop)

  • What is user generated content (UGC)? What can and what cannot be achieved by the reader?
  • Networked journalism – the collaboration with the editors: what is the potential of integrating readers into the editorial process?
  • Facebook, Twitter and social media solutions involving reader reporters: what kinds of tools are available for the integration of readers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these tools?
  • What are competitors doing? Best practices: How publishers profit from the integration of UGC.
  • It does not work of its own accord: as a publisher, which conditions have to be met to facilitate the integration of readers and the utilisation of UGC functions?
  • What is the publisher’s current and future content strategy? How can and should readers take part in this context? Which tools are best suitable to achieve the set goals? And what changes within the publishing house are necessary in order to make this work?

Gogol Publishing – the experts in user generated content and local media

For over six years, the experts of Gogol Publishing have successfully been working together with more than 480,000 reader reporters and pool experiences and best practices of user generated content projects from over 30 publishing houses. With, Gogol Publishing runs Germany’s largest reader reporters’ portal for local news, as well as the largest Austrian reader reporters’ portal for the Regional Medien Austria.

User Generated Content
  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
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