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Market your web page professionally and with an optimised marketing mix right from the very beginning.

Gogol Publishing bundles the geographical ranges of web pages with a local focus and is therefore able to offer websites with only short ranges special marketing conditions and forms. Our experts are constantly optimising the selection of marketers, advertising forms and advertising spaces. In addition to the marketing services by Gogol Publishing, self-marketing can always be realised.

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Michael Heinz, Managing Director Elbe Wochenblatt Verlag

Michael Heinz, Managing Director Elbe Wochenblatt Verlag

„Gogol Publishing has helped us monetarise the reach on our new website. There is a monthly increase in sales without us having to do anything.“

Regional co-marketing

Advantages of the regional co-marketing of Gogol Publishing

If you operate a web page with a regional focus and on a high level of quality on the basis of Gogol Publishing, your internet offer fits perfectly into our high-class overall portfolio and you should discover the advantages of Gogol Publishing’s regional co-marketing. We bring appropriate display and text campaigns to your sites and take on the entire process of this ad management for you. Due to our strength and expertise in this field, we are able to establish and continually improve the optimum advertising mix on your portal. The benefits are obvious: You will generate sales revenues from the very first click on your web page.

Currently used marketing forms

  • Display marketing, premium marketing or marketing of remaining space
  • Google Adsense
  • Plista


With an assumed range of 250,000 visits and 1 million page impressions per month, the marketing revenues for the customer are clearly over 1,500 Euro per month so far. It should be noted that the advertising revenues are subject to large seasonal fluctuations.

Revenue Share

  • up to 250,000 PI / month: 30% of the marketing revenues
  • from 250,000 to 1 mio PI / month: 40% of the marketing revenues
  • from 1 mio to 3 million PI / month: 50% of the marketing revenues
  • from 3 mio to 10 million PI / month: 60% of the marketing revenues
  • from 10 mio PI / month up: 70% of the marketing revenues

Full service offer with the ability for self-marketing

Regarding the regional co-marketing of Gogol Publishing, you don’t have to take care of anything. There are no additional costs for the technical implementation, the optimisation of the channels, the continuous maintenance and further development as well as for the improvement of the marketing. We constantly define and optimise the advertising spaces on your portal. One successful example in terms of advertising spaces is the local online news platform Users of online portals with integrated citizen journalists or community functions are distinguished into registered and unregistered ones and the forms of advertisement are being adapted appropriately. In this way, a more convenient experience for the registered users is guaranteed.

Please note that it is principally not possible to directly influence individual advertising placements. You agree that special advertising forms such as interstitials or banderoles are placed on the website, too. However, exclusions can be agreed on in individual cases. It is possible to place and integrate your own sold online advertising on the portal. The pricing for the integration of this self-marketing is determined by the individual efforts.

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  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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