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For more than ten years, Gogol Publishing is constantly adapted and extended to the needs, processes and requirements of major and smaller publishing houses alike.

If your company is still missing a certain feature or interface for a particular field of application, we would be pleased to concept and develop these new functions together with you.

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New features customised to your requirements

New features customised to your requirements

Gogol Publishing takes on the conception and development of new functions or interfaces for you. In close consultation with you, we create a customised catalogue of requirements for the specific feature. The requirements catalogue contains the functions of all the individual features that have to be developed as well as the efforts to realise those. The concept phase includes all decisive steps such as examination of the technical feasibility, selection of state-of-the-art technologies, definition of the range of functions, screen design of the incidental user interfaces, clarification of the technical expenses and interactions with as well as dependencies on third-party systems.

After the coordination and release of the list of requirements, the desired features will be implemented by our development team. Depending on the complexity of the appropriate functions, a series of tests and approval cycles are conducted in order to customise the new features perfectly to your requirements. At the end of the development process, the function will be approved and inserted on your online platform. You can rely on the long years of experience of the experts of Gogol Publishing and you will stay technically always up-to-date.



The pricing for the conception and development of new features is determined by the individual efforts. Hence, you only pay for what you need. After the prior examination of your outlined demands for the function that has to be developed, you receive a fixed price offer according to the necessary conceptual work and related consultation processes. At the end of the concept phase, you obtain a detailed list with all the efforts of the individual modules and functions that have to be developed. Thus, you have maximum transparency and the overall decision on the development costs.

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