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Our experienced team supports your Community management as needed or completely adopts particular support levels – from simple user requests up to the de-escalation of business-critical cases.

Within our company we have established specific processes which guarantee fast, efficient and cost-effective troubleshooting.
The community managers of our support team have more than 10 years of experience in dealing with over 480,000 citizen journalists. They are experts when it comes to the creation of user satisfaction and loyalty, to process improvements in user questions or to the handling with violations of rules and trouble makers.

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Community Management Support

High level of competence and effectiveness because of 6 years of experience with citizen journalism:

  • Are you standing right before the launch of an online portal for citizen journalism and have not yet got the resources for the necessary animation measures within the community? Besides the competent processing of incoming user requests, our effective first level support takes on the pro-active user care and animation directly on the portal for you. Our second level support takes over all complex cases.
  • Does your Community management lack some important expertise for the skilful handling with complex cases or developments in the community? The community managers of our second level support provide competent advice and take on all second level support cases of your community too, if desired.
  • With regard to further questions and business-critical cases, our experienced community managers of the third level support are the right point of contact.

Effective and efficient services for the management of your community


The first level support is the first point of contact for all incoming user requests. Our effective support team guarantees short response times: Well proven processes that are based on text modules and concrete recommendations for all standard questions and problems ensure the quick classification of the requests as well as the fast solution of a large number of problems. The first level support answers questions of how to use the portal, provide professional help with technical problems and solve simple cases of violations of terms and conditions and copyright infringements. In more complex or not yet standardised cases, the first level support receives assistance from the second level support. During the start-up phase of your community we also take over the pro-active animation and supervision of the developing community if needed. Furthermore, we promote user loyalty and activity, support the establishment of the community values and provide assistance with user questions and problems.

First level support

Fast and effective solution of problems, short response times


The second level support assists the first level support by taking over complex requests as well as by developing robust text modules and concrete recommendations for not yet recorded cases. New solutions are accordingly entered into the relevant documents, ensuring the first level support team to acquire this crucial knowledge. If a request is too complex and the second level support team does not have the necessary know-how to handle it, it is forwarded to the third level support.

Second level support

Takeover of complex requests


The third level support is represented by experienced community managers and is the highest level of escalation. It handles business-critical cases and forms the ideal point of contact for further-reaching questions.

Third level support

Business-critical cases

Complete takeover of support levels

Takeover of your first level support by our effective support team

Special package for the start-up phase: Takeover of the entire first and second level support (including the pro-active animation and supervision of the developing community on the portal)

Takeover of your second level support by our experienced community managers

Assistance for your support team on a case-by-case basis

Support and advice of your second level support by our experienced community managers, as required

Support and advice of your third level support by our experienced community managers, as required

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