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Thomas Maul, Geschäftsführer Medienhaus DER NEUE TAG

Thomas Maul, Geschäftsführer Medienhaus DER NEUE TAG

„Those planning the introduction of a new system should first witness the agile project approach from Gogol Publishing“

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Thomas Maul, Managing Director Oberpfalz Medien

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Only an agile project approach can be successful in the digital age

The system and procedural model must be compatible

Digitalization requires a fundamental transformation of workflows and processes. Oberpfalz Medien has selected in Gogol Publishing a provider that offers their cloud-based editorial system in the form of Software as a Service. The company thus provides a tool, which, in unison with agile approach models, forms the basis for a system introduction under these new requirements.

Early work on the system opens up new solutions

Since all channels can be produced entirely within the browser, Gogol was able to provide Oberpfalz Medien with the basic framework of a productive system within just a few weeks. Since a mutual identification of the most important parameters is central to an agile project approach, strategic issues could also be discussed that would not have been achievable under the former reasoning of „requirement specification“.

Misunderstandings can be detected earlier

A publisher will often first witness a functional system only after a specifications and implementations period spanning over one year. Vaguely specified requirements will need to be expensively improved upon. Use of the system at an early stage in the project, on the other hand, is a powerful communications tool: Later users of the system will become co-developers and, from the outset, form an equal footing in their project with the provider.

DER NEUE TAG - Employees can become familiar with and co-develop the system right from the outset

Advantages and features of the agile project approach:

  • The basic framework of a productive system is available early in the project. Employees can thus test and develop workflows at this point.
  • Early work directly on the system reduces misunderstandings and opens up new lines of thought to everybody involved.
  • The system will be updated monthly. Additional requirements and alterations can thus be rapidly incorporated and specified.
  • Any problems will be quickly detected through an early handling of the resolution and can be remedied both rapidly and inexpensively.