Christine Braun, Community-Leitung

Christine Braun, Community-Leitung

“Our partnering publishers can very easily use content from the ‘myheimat’ citizen reporters for their editorial products –

from printing in the daily newspapers, to publication on the newspaper website, right through to a complete sublocal magazine developed within the Gogol Publishing system.”

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Christine Braun, Community-Leitung

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Editorial System: Enterprise Print Publishing Cloud

Print Produktionssystem von myheimat

Print-Production System (PPS) for the newspaper production

Become a licensee

The largest online community for reader reporters in Germany is “myheimat”, operated by Gogol Publishing. Via partner publishers, reader contributions from the online community are printed in regional newspapers and sublocal magazines with a total circulation of over 1.4 million copies. Publishers who are interested in getting access to local and sublocal contents in the easiest way can become licensee.

Lokales Themenradar

Local topic radar

The constant stream of contributions enables “myheimat” as a topic radar to support the editorial offices to keep an overview over what is happening on site and which topics move, excite, anger or delight people. This can create new impulses for editorial contributions in the future.

Die „Nachrichtenagentur“ für Lokales

Local topics

The ‘news agency’ for local topics: “myheimat” is available for the whole portfolio of the publishing house. In the end, the reader reporters on “myheimat” and the contents they deliver every day are comparable to a news agency that offers a broad range of local and sublocal contents to the editorial offices of the publisher.

Topstorys aus der Region


myheimat offers publishers*: every day 1-5 top-stories from the region for further use, every day 50-100 articles and 400 pictures from the region, a network of more than 10,000 reader reporters in the region. The portal is constantly improved, not least due to the numerous and own experiences and demands of clients of Gogol Publishing.