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“It was abundantly clear during the dramatic flooding events of June 2013 how much value and significance reader reporters could achieve through their news coverage.”

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Ten times more visits thanks to user generated content

Mediale Ereignisse

Flooding Media Event

At the beginning of June 2013, dramatic floods occurred within the distribution region of the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”. The MZ found itself editorially unable to simultaneously cover all zones and incidents.

Leserreporter ergänzen Inhalte

Citizen Reporters Supplement Content

Particularly in the smaller communities, those affected used the MZ’s own participatory portal and informed themselves or made their own reports of events happening on their doorsteps.

Bilder, Beiträge, Kommentare

Pictures, Posts, Comments

With 650 images, 50 reports and hundreds of comments, a major quantity of exclusive content emerged within 48 hours, which in this form was suited to no other medium.

Explosion of Page-Views through Wide-Coverage Content Page-views from June 2nd to 5th:

Page impressions 2 – 5 June, 2013:
Average visits/day
Additional views during the flooding

The quantity of uploaded images and reports provided for an enormous upsurge in traffic to the reader reporter portal at the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”: In total, more than ten-times the normal number of page-views were recorded. The reason was that this content developed a wide reach through search engines and social media, and that people also dwelled an above average time on these pages.

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