Harald Greiner, Geschäftsführer Verlag Der MarktSpiegel

Harald Greiner, CEO Verlag Der MarktSpiegel

„The role of weekly advertising journals as local, media regional suppliers will become further important in the future.

Now we are ideally positioned with the system of Gogol Publishing and fully meet the requirements of advertising customers and readers on modern media.“

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Der Marktspiegel

Harald Greiner, CEO Verlag Der MarktSpiegel

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The publishing house “Verlag Der Marktspiegel GmbH” publishes its weekly advertising journal „Der Marktspiegel“ with 462,000 copies in the area of Nuremberg, Fuerth, Schwabach/Roth, Erlangen, and Forchheim/Hoechstadt. Now the publishing house has already integrated the experience of more than 30 customer projects in its internet portal right from the start – from a powerful search engine- and social-media-optimisation up to a system for the localisation of each single post and a matured usability.

Editorial System: Large Print Publishing Cloud