• Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor Westdeutsche Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft

    Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor WVW

    „At Lokalkompass.de, our advertising papers have consolidated their market position as a medium of both local and sub-local focus, while additionally tapping into new readers and sales potential.“

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Haldun Tuncay, Managing Director Westdeutsche Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft

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Three steps to becoming Number 1 for local information on the Internet

Redaktionelle Inhalte online

1. Editorial Content Online

The Lokalkompass (WVW/ORA) uses Gogol Publishing’s portal solution as an additional broadcast channel for content originating from its 73 advertising papers.

Redaktionelle Inhalte online

2. Maximum Reach

Articles gain maximum reach through hyperlocal focus, search engine optimisation and social-media support.

Redaktionelle Inhalte online

3. Turbocharged by Reader Reporters

In collaboration with 78,500 reader reporters, over 10,000 articles and 70,000 photos are created monthly – and thus additional reach and even deeper local penetration.

Result: The furthest-reaching web presence of all advertising papers

Premium Income


Measured in terms of search engine visibility*, the Lokalkompass is by far the furthest-reaching web presence of all advertising papers in the whole of Germany, even surpassing the web presences of many local newspapers. The Lokalkompass has quadrupled its page-visits since 2011, with the adoption of Gogol Publishing’s cloud-solution. (*Sistrix figures, Valid: June 2016)

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Reporters prepare the print layout directly in a browser

Within a standardised online-first-workflow, around 6.500 print pages are produced weekly at WVW/ORA using Gogol Publishing. All articles are created channel-neutrally and in part launched directly online. Reporters with the appropriate rights prepare the articles directly in a browser for print layout. The editors revise the articles and can then finalise them for the print edition.

Workflow WVW/ORA
Bruchfreie Verbindung zu ppi media

Seamless connectivity to ppi Media

Process efficiency of print production is also guaranteed, since the Gogol Publishing System is fully integrated into the existing system landscape at WVW/ORA and works seamlessly together with the ppi Media planning system deployed there.

XMA Cross Media Awards 2012

XMA Cross Media Awards 2012

For its concept “Citizen Engagement, Social and Local”, the Lokalkompass was honoured in 2012 with the renowned XMA Cross Media Award from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). In the category of “Best Community Engagement”, the platform came in at third position. Around 90 publishers worldwide participated in the XMA Cross Media Award from WAN-IFRA.

European Newspaper Award

European Newspaper Award

At the European Newspaper Award, WVW/ORA Publishing was given the “Award of Excellence” in the category of Concept and Innovation. The publisher’s exemplary concept and design of its advertising papers were recognised, which optimally integrate the news community of lokalkompass.de thanks to their cross-media preparation.

Editorial System: Enterprise Print Publishing Cloud