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Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG und Neue Buxtehuder Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag

“The individual production stages are all interlinked with one another and part of a modern workflow. We also have a powerful online portal, which fits our requirements optimally.”

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Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt

Stephan Schrader, Geschäftsführer Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG und Neue Buxtehuder Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

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The reference point for advertising papers: Easy, proven and conveniently published

Einfach online

Easy online

Editors, freelancers and reader reporters alike can gather all content using the Content Management System. Without additional cost, a sublocal online-presence is also included here.

Einfach integrieren

Easy integration

Using integrated interfaces to third-party and exisiting systems, such as ClassWizard or Compass, contract and advertising data, as well as content, can be seamlessly interlinked with one another.

Einfach publizieren

Easy publication

Uncorrupted content transfer and elegant advertising placement: A newspaper can be produced efficiently using drag & drop – accessed from anywhere and easily done within a web browser.

Gogol Publishing – The Advantages in Comparison

Costs for purchase, including introductory and application support

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
  • No inherent investment in hardware and software
  • No maintenance costs
  • System scaling to requirements
  • Highest security & performance at affordable prices
  • Only pay for what’s really needed and actually used
  • Lower training expenses
  • No extra costs for updates, even over the longer term

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Develop new customers for local businesses

From the many visitors to the Kreiszeitung’s online portal, local businesses are tapping into potential new customers on-site. This is how, for example, the coverage of a bargain price sale by a local electrical store attracted over 40,000 visitors within three days. In this way, people can also be reached who mainly consume their media at home on a tablet device or PC, and on the move with a smartphone.

Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt Portal

Editorial System: Enterprise Print Publishing Cloud

Print Produktionssystem von Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt

Print Publishing System (PPS) for the newspaper production


Alignment of planning data print assisted by Classwizard