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“Due to the simple and web-based operation of the system, our editors were immediately able to work with the system.

Now we can produce in a smaller team that is half as large as in the use of traditional content management systems. And since everything appears automatically online, we are able to release stories in real time.”

Logo Gießener Zeitung

Gießener Zeitung

Steffen Schindler, CEO

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The “Gießener Zeitung”, based in Germany, operates a local participatory online platform which is directly linked to its four print titles. In this sense, the “Gießener Zeitung” (GZ) links citizen journalism with a local news portal. Twice a week four newspaper titles based on user generated content are produced with a circulation of 125,000 copies. The content is first published online at The GZ benefits from the lean and web-based publishing solution by producing the entire newspaper seamlessly with Gogol Publishing.

XMA Cross Media Awards 2009

XMA Cross Media Awards 2009

XMA Cross Media Awards 2009 The ‘Gießener Zeitung’ was honoured in 2009 for its innovative concept. The jury named the newspaper a good example of how to create innovation through user-generated content.

Editorial System: Large Publishing Cloud