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The Funke Media Group produces many of its titles using Gogol Publishing.

They are the third biggest publisher in Germany and one of Europe’s largest regional newspaper publishers. They collectively publish both daily and weekly newspapers, as well as popular magazines, trade journals, advertising papers and customer newsletters.

Logo Funke Mediengruppe

Funke Media Group

100 advertising papers and 30 daily/weekly newspapers

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Successful cooperation with Gogol Publishing

Anzeigenblätter der Funke Mediengruppe

Part of the Funke Media Group is the association of Westdeutscher Verlag- und Werbegesellschaft together with the Ostruhr-Anzeigenblattgesellschaft. They publish 76 titles of freely distributed advertising papers and are market leaders in the Ruhr region. With over 5 million copies distributed weekly, the WVW/ORA advertising papers count among the most important of local media. WVW/ORA has been working with Gogol Publishing since 2011. Besides the WVW/ORA union, the Funke Media Group currently comprises six further publishers. Among them is the “Berliner Woche”, which is Berlin’s highest-circulation, free weekly newspaper with over 1.53 million copies.

Further FUNKE publishers who work with Gogol Publishing:

Allgemeiner Anzeiger
Hamburger Wochenblatt
Logo Berliner Woche
Braunschweiger Zeitungsverlag
Bergedorfer Zeitung