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  • Bodo Krause, Publishing Manager Berliner Wochenblatt Verlag GmbH

    Bodo Krause, Publishing Manager Berliner Woche

    „Using Gogol, we have achieved even deeper integration and automation of our print workflows in a very short time.

    Productivity is excellent and we have full access to all processes.“

  • Ingo von Brunn, Head of Online Services Berliner Wochenblatt Verlag GmbH

    Ingo von Brunn, Head of Online Services Berliner Woche

    „The solution from Gogol Publishing provides the best conditions for a long-term, organic boost in reach.“

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Measurable Success: Page views have increased by 118% directly following the switchover.

Increase in visits by 118%

Month before switching
Month after switching
Year after switching
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Potential for the future:
10- to 12 times reach

Woven into the system from Gogol Publishing are over ten years of experience in search engines, social media and user experience optimisation. This means that directly after switching over, an increase of up to 66% can be attained. But this is just the beginning. Examples from other Gogol Publishing customers show a twelve-fold increase in reach achieved in four years. Since some of this leverage only develops its true potential over a longer time.

Increase in visits by 10 – 12 times

Long-term potential

Simple, efficient editorial workflows and seamless connectivity to JJK

Berliner Woche - Print Workflow

Reporters submit their articles directly into the CMS

The reporter submits the previously formatted article in a personal standing text directly into the Content Management System. The reporter can operate the system easily with a browser and needs no additional software.

Berliner Woche - Print Workflow

The editorial staff edit, plan and create the layout

Thanks to a comprehensive management of rights and roles, the editorial staff can access the reporters’ standing texts and easily edit, plan for the edition, create the final layout and launch online with just one click.

Berliner Woche - Print Workflow

Complete digital workflow between Gogol and JJK

At BWO, all systems are seamlessly connected with one another within a digital workflow. The ad planning data, for example, can thus be adopted in JJKlayout and directly imported into the Print-Publishing-System from Gogol Publishing.