Paid content for newspaper portals

Paywalls nowadays are gaining a steadily increasing acceptance among online readers. The common technical methods for integrating a paywall into an online portal are embedding by JavaScript or API.

Various models are available for selection.

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Differing models in the German newspaper market

120 German newspapers use a paywall. The following models here are in use:

  • Voluntary payment: The users can decide themselves here what and how much the article is worth to them. Viable, for example, with Plenigo.
  • Hard paywall: All content in an offering is only available after completing a subscription.
  • Metered model: A particular quantity of content is made freely available to the user here until the paywall then activates. Viable, for example, with Piano.
  • Freemium: In this case, ‘premium content’ is determined, which, beside the freely accessible content, is only available after completing a subscription. Viable, for example, with CeleraOne.
120 German newspapers use a paywall

Source: BDZV   

Paywall subscription

At the majority of newspapers, a day-pass has to be purchased or a subscription completed to call up further articles. Some newspapers also offer individual content for sale. With these micropayments, readers are provided with numerous articles until a particular sum is reached, which only then needs to be paid. Among others, this is offered by the Munich firm of Laterpay.

When establishing a paywall, many further individual settings can also be undertaken.

Various configuration options in the example of Piano

With Piano, one of the market-leading providers, it can be predefined, among other things, on which pages the paywall is to appear or whether there should be a particular number of free copies. Using tags, it can be autonomously controlled with which content the paywall is to be activated. Once the paywall operational, the reader can very easily complete a subscription to continue reading the pages:

  • Complete subscription: After deciding an access type (e.g., day pass), a payment type is selected. Afterwards, the payment data can be simply entered to carry on reading.
  • Reading further with existing subscriptions: The ‘account’ button can be clicked here and, depending on settings, the subscription again verified with entry of the customer data to read further articles.

Further functions by examples

  • Define daily, weekly or monthly access for the right to premium articles
  • Determine various pricing options for the individual access alternatives
  • Establish test access of a defined time period for users
  • Leave readers to decide whether they want to pay more than the required sum
  • An uncluttered admin user interface, including an overview of all transactions and registrations performed, as well as a Google Analytics overview
Alexander Steichele, Leitung

Alexander Steichele, Head of

“We have a paywall built into one of our premium pages. The system functions simply and can be integrated without problems.”