Traditional Online Banners

Traditional Online Banners

Be it Wallpaper, Skyscraper, or Rectangle: With online banners you integrate the most popular digital advertising format with advertising customers into your portal.

Hereby, portals can host banner codes for all current banner formats at any given spot. Certainly, turning mobile websites into monetary profits using any current format of marketing is a possibility.

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High acceptance, quick integration, sustainable revenues

On request, Gogol Publishing can take on the marketing strategy of your banner spaces as part of Regio-Ad-Marketing, continuously tending to the optimization of your revenues. Of course, engaging Regio-Ad-Marketing will flexibly leave room for your own campaigns, like those of your advertising partners, at any time.

The long-standing collaboration with big marketers and the bundling of news-portal coverage and websites with local focus allows the rollout of premium campaigns, which generate comparably high returns within a short period of time.

Klassische Online-Banner
Michael Heinz, CEO Elbe Wochenblatt Publishing House

Michael Heinz, CEO Elbe Wochenblatt Publishing House

„Gogol Publishing did help to monetise the reach of our new website. Sales are increasing every month and we don’t even have to do anything. A first-class service!“

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • High acceptance with advertisers
  • Banner codes of all conventional ad-servers and banner formats can be integrated
  • Easy integration, tracking, minimal maintenance requirements
  • Rapid revenues with Regio-Ad-Marketing
  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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