Digital PR

Digitale PR

Gogol Publishing allows the seamless integration of advertising content into the editorial context and thus is handing you attention-grabbing tools for advertising, which do not disrupt the reading flow. Contents are hereby automatically marked as an ad and fulfil all legal regulations.

Digital PR is moreover very easily found by Google & Co. and creates new content of high quality, generating additional coverage.

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Revenue-generating integration of ad content into the editorial context

Active Perception
+ 52%
Banner Advertising
Digital PR

Dramatic increase in visibility

The proportion of actively perceived advertisement increases through the use of digital PR by more than half as compared to traditional banner advertising.

Source: Study IPG Media Lab, 2013

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Attention-grabbing placement in the editorial environment
  • Additional generation of page views due to interesting content
  • Lawful due to automatic labelling as an advertisement
  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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