Responsive website optimized for mobile

Responsive website optimized for mobile

Including extensive mobile marketing opportunities

Approximately 40% of visitors to editorial websites use mobile terminal devices for the consumption of contents (as of May 2014). With Gogol Publishing these visitors simply find an optimized web version for mobile in responsive design at their fingertips. It adapts automatically to various sizes and software versions of the terminal devices and offers use cases optimized to mobile.

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Attraktive Mobile Seiten

Use cases optimized for mobile in responsive design

The mobile pages by Gogol Publishing are strictly adapted to users’ needs and feature a clear menu navigation and adequately processed information in small bites, which are presented in a separate overview page, item detail page, and picture detail page. Since they are programmed as a responsive website, they adjust to any size and display of the respective terminal device.

The mobile advertising market grows by 65% in 2014

In 2014, the market for mobile advertising is going to reach 107 million € in Germany (MAC Mobile-Report 2014/01 by the Online-Vermarkterkreis des Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (online marketer section within the German digital industry association)). This signifies an increase of about 65% as compared to the previous year. Increasingly more marketers put their focus on mobile marketing.

Der mobile Werbemarkt wächst mit 65% in 2014
Mobile Nutzung schon deutlich stärker als die mobile Vermarktung

Mobile use already markedly stronger than the mobile marketing

It can be assumed that the strong growing trend of the mobile advertising market will persist. A study by the Google- and Amazon-investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) demonstrates, that users spend already 20% of their media consumption time on mobile terminal devices. In comparison, mobile advertising expenditures proportionately only figure 4%. Hence, there is a backlog demand in mobile advertisement – and great growth potential for years to come.

Implement extensive mobile advertising formats with Gogol Publishing

Software by Gogol Publishing for mobile webpages will allow you to implement all relevant mobile forms of marketing. From banners to native-content-advertising.

Mobile Werbeformate

Customers who use the mobile webpages:

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Your advantages at one glance:

  • Webpage automatically optimized for mobile use
  • Adjustment to various mobile terminal devices
  • All relevant forms of marketing can be implemented
  • Maintenance-free due to SaaS-solution
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