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Make newspaper mobile: apps, webpages and production tools for publishers and agencies.

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60% mobile use in 2015

The use of mobile devices for media consumption has dramatically increased during recent years and in the meantime makes up approximately 60%. With a focus on mobile-first-strategies, Gogol Publishing is developing applications for the mobile world, reaching from webpages and apps all the way to mobile tools in traditional newspaper production.

60% mobile use in 2015

Mobile Apps

Apps clearly edge out mobile browser usage: users of mobile terminal devices spend four times more time online with apps than a mobile browser. Consequently, Gogol Publishing offers a number of apps – for publishers of advertising supplements, newspaper publishers, corporate publishers, and special-interest-publications.



  • Optimized for all terminal devices
  • Read editions also offline
  • Push-notification at release
  • Including picture galleries, videos, and links


  • Optimized for all terminal devices
  • Direct linking to offers
  • Print versions are also advertised in the app

App for UGC

  • React directly to commentaries
  • Interact with other authors
  • Evaluate which posts are well received

Mobile webpages

Despite the increase in apps, the mobile web stays relevant. Especially the traffic of search engines and social networks depend on mobile webpage versions, which makes them a must for publishers of newspapers and advertising supplements, but also for corporate publishers and special interest publications, seeking to provide a good user experience.

Mobile webpages

Mobile webpages

  • Adapts automatically to all terminal devices
  • Extensive mobile marketing possibilities secure a share in the rapidly growing mobile advertising market.
Classifieds marketplace

Classifieds marketplace

  • Optionally post ads online and in print
  • For a wide variety of business models
  • Responsive design
  • Search and post ads from any terminal device
Digital brochures

Digital brochures

  • Quick transfer of print revenue into the online sector
  • Optimised for the use on mobile terminal devices, tablets, and as apps
  • Localised and context-based strategy

Mobile production tools

Gogol Publishing offers mobile tools that allow the simplification of newspaper production. From dashboards for editors in chief and publications managers to the tracking of free ad space for sales reps in the field.



Modifications can be made from any location and any terminal device: permanent access possibility



Dashboards for all editing- and production-relevant data for editors in chief and publications managers.


Tools for sellers

For sellers: use the i-Pad to point out open ad space to the customer in the field.