Transfer data easily from Funkinform to Gogol Publishing

Publishers using the Content Management System from Funkinform can transfer their entire database easily and inexpensively into the online portal from Gogol Publishing.

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How the interface between Funkinform and Gogol Publishing works

Content created and/or managed with Funkinform can be adopted directly into the online portal of Gogol Publishing via XML. Articles and images can thus be published in the online portal with little effort.

Customers who use Funkinform together with Gogol Publishing:

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The utilisation of Gogol Publishing as the editorial system and Funkinform is suited to advertising papers, newspapers and online portals. You can discover the full scope of Gogol Publishing here.

Further interfaces


Alignment of planning data over an XML interface.

As used by:
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Alignment of planning data in production for print.

As used by:

Import of ad motifs into the editorial system.

As used by:
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Interlinking of order/ads data for print production.

As used by:
Logo Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt


Import and export of contribution data, ad planning and product.

As used by:
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Automatic image enhancement by Elpical.

As used by:
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MSU Sport and MSU Event

Import of contribution and/or event data.

Import of created and/or managed content.

As used by:

Import of contribution data into the online portal.

As used by:
Logo Heilbronner Stimme

Payments processing such as (small) ads.

As used by:
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dpa et al.

Import/Export of agency reports into or out of the online portal.

As used by:
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Further interfaces on request.

As used by:
Your publication.