Editorial System

The web-based, media-neutral editorial system

Since 2005, Gogol Publishing has been developing its media-neutral editorial system as a cloud solution.

The optimum involvement of external authors has always played a central role in this process. Today, some 450,000 editors and authors are using the system. More than 35 publisher clients are producing their print publications with a circulation of over 11 million copies and supplying ca. 200 million pages per month over the Internet.

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Online portals

Online portals

“The online portal is ideal for a wide-reaching publication of content and also provides editors with extensive tools for the curation of articles.”



“The ideal instrument for the production of weekly papers, local papers, daily papers magazines and corporate publishing products.”

Mobile Angebote

Mobile offerings

“Mobile newspaper making: Various apps, mobile versions of websites and productions tools for publishers and agencies.”

Personalisierte News und mobile Reporter App

Mobile reporter app

“For registered authors of the online portal. Easy interaction with other authors. Easy reporting on the move, easy participation in competitions.”



“E-Papers created using the Print Production System (PPS) can be made automatically available to readers across numerous channels.”

Content Management System


“The centralised, channel-neutral Content Management System in which authors can create and edit content, as well as organise it for channel management.”



“Gogol Publishing generates a large volume of metadata from both the content and media assets, which forms the basis for many intelligent services.”


Author management

“A powerful tool for authors, who receive statistics by way of metadata as to the reach-performance of their content.”


Channel management

“Easily assign content to the various channels. Flexibly and dynamically adaptable by means of extensive curatorial options.”



“A variety of modules for the marketing of digital reach, such as banners, native content advertising or classified ads market.”



“The solution lies in popular systems capable of integrating planning, layout and print, which can also be installed within existing system infrastructures.”

    • Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, RMA

      „The ability to intervene immediately before print and the speed with which articles can be modivied or even replaced in the paper.

      We have had this neither with InDesign nor within any other system. This has been the greatest advantage to our editorial staff.“

    • Ingo von Brunn, Head of Digital, Berliner Woche

      Ingo von Brunn, Head of Digital, Berliner Woche

      „The tangible reach, measured in web session volumes, has increased by 66 percent in the initial months after the changeover, which really does represent a significant gain.

      The underlying trend in this area still remains highly positive.“

    • Bodo Krause, Publishing Director, Berliner Woche

      Bodo Krause, Publishing Director, Berliner Woche

      „Our recources were fully expended on operations and administration, making further development no longer possible without additional outlay.

      We needed a reputable online publishing system. That was our situation when Gogol then came to our attention.“

    • Oswald Hicker, Chief Editor Niederösterreich, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      Oswald Hicker, Chief Editor Niederösterreich, RMA

      „This all takes place within a web browser, meaning that we now have what our editors always dreamt about.

      They could even create their paper whilst inside a web cafe in Rome, should they so wish.“

    • Marion Fink, Online Project Manager, Marktspiegel

      Marion Fink, Online Project Manager, Marktspiegel

      „Classified ads are a classic core competence for advertising papers.

      Using the classified ads portal, we want to lead our readers into the digital world and prevent them form switching to other digital providers. We continually witness that our readers really do whish to have such offers in their paper.“

    • Beatrix Gutmann, Social Media Managerin, Lokalkompass

      Beatrix Gutmann, Social Media Managerin, Lokalkompass

      „Citizen reporters have proven entirely different to what was originally feared and are a major support to the editorial staff.

      But also to the individual advertising papers, of course, since the citizen reporter takes part in the event and then reports about it. This amounts to a major relief for editorial staff.“