Webcast reach up by 700 percent

Webcast: reach up by 700 % for local publishing houses via contributor model

“In a personal free webcast you learn about how the Regionalmedien Austria has increased the online reach by more than 700 % by implementing a contributor model.“

Dr. Matthias Moeller, Head of Marketing

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The RMA provides its editors simple tools for gathering contents. A simple online access or a mobile app is enough to create pictures, posts and videos from everywhere. Almost 200 editors across 70 local locations reach an enormous flexibility in respect of workflows, -places and -time. Fully in line with the contributor model the RMA provides this access not only its employees, but also integrates its freelance collaborators and even private citizens, who would like to contribute contents. Thus, contents of citizen journalists (user generated content) – the so-called “Regionauten” at RMA – appear on the portal, as well as in the printed newspaper -next to articles of the editorial team. The reader can always clearly identify who has contributed the content.

Reach up by 700 %

The offer of local and regional news could extend considerably by the opening for all citizens. Within only 3 years, 200.000 Regionauten have signed in/ registered on the internet platform meinbezirk.at. In 2012 alone, 92,000 posts were created, 235,000 comments were written and 614,000 pictures were uploaded by these “Regionauten”. And the reach could be increased by 700 % from 2010 until today.

Look behind the scenes in the webast

In a personal webcast with our co-founder Dr. Matthias Moeller you experience the contributor-software live and have a look behind the scenes. Arrange your personal and of course free appointment here.

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