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Webcast: Measurement of Google-News Traffic with Google Analytics

„In a personal free webcast you learn about how to use Google Analytics for measuring your website traffic, which is generated by Onebox of Google Universal.“

Dr. Matthias Moeller, Head of Marketing

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Have you ever even wondered why the number of visitors of Goolge-News is that low? Users that get from news.google.de to your website can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The so-called “Onebox” is the actual lever of Google-News and is displayed in the organic search results. Unfortunately, a separate area is missing completely in order to report this traffic in Google Analytics.

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Measurement of Google-News Traffic with Google Analytics

Experience in a personal webcast with our co-founder and Analytics-expert Dr. Matthias Moeller how you can measure the Google-News traffic in Google Analytics and how you can thereby determine/ affect the success of the channel “Google-News”.

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