Case Studies, thesis papers and analyses

You will find different studies, thesis papers and analyses of Gogol Publishing on this page.

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Studies about European advertising papers

Studies about European advertising papers

What roles do free newspapers play in the EU-countries? The study provides numbers for reach, for advertising revenue and points out distinctive features and differences between the individual countries.

Thesenpapier: Leserreporter

Citizen Journalists Brochure

Numbers, conclusions and success factors from 25 local newspaper portals with Gogol-technology, providing a platform for more than 480,000 reader reporters – condensed into 10 theses.

Thesenpapier: Autorenmanagement

Authors’ brochure

Learn how the pioneers of digital journalism, like Forbes, BuzzFeed, HuffPo & Co. are consistently exploiting the digital opportunities with new journalistic concepts and are sustainably increasing their reach.

Analyse: Anzeigenblätter im Netz 2013

Google-ranking of German advertising papers 2013

Advertising papers are not yet affected by the decline in circulation numbers. But what about online? The analysis shows: Among those who get a chance for an editorial presence, only a fraction is sucessful.

Analyse: Anzeigenblätter im Netz 2014

Google-ranking of German advertising papers 2014

The analysis shows what has been happening on the market since the end of 2013: In the meantime, more advertising papers have editorial presence, but a lot of reach is still left unleveraged.

Analyse: Lokalzeitungen im Netz

Study about online reach of local newspapers

Barely half of German local newspapers with online presence do not disclose official online reach data. We established those numbers and found: 35% of publishers have less than 100,000 visits per month.

Case Studies

Case Study Regionalmedien Austria AG

Case Study: Regionalmedien Austria AG

The case study shows, how 128 newspapers by Austria’s No. 1 are successfully and easily produced with Gogol Publishing and published over all channels.

Case Study Lokalkompass

Case Study: Lokalkompass

Learn how by using the Gogol Publising solution with, the WVW/ORA did create a web presence with strongest reach of all advertising papers in Germany.

Case Study Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Case study: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

The case study Mitteldeutsche Zeitung demonstrates, how exclusive contents by reader reporters can lead to the multiplication of page views.

Case Study Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt 2013

Case Study: Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt I

Take the example of the Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt, to see how advertising papers can easily, reliably and cheaply publish with Gogol Publishing.

Case Study Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt

Case Study: Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt II

Only through an extended online reach you can market locally on the internet as well.

Case Study: Leserreporter

Case Study: Local Reader Reporter Portals

Minimal effort, great benefit: In this case study we show, how reader reporters function at the local level – if one is serious about it.

Case Study: Online strengthens print

Case Study: Online strengthens print

This Case Study proves from customer perspective the experience that classical print titles benefits from a successful online portal.

Case Study: Agile instead of waterfall

Case Study: Agile instead of waterfall

The daily newspaper DER NEUE TAG in Weiden launches a cloud based editorial system in an agile project procedure.

Case Study: Printworkflow at Berliner Woche (BWO)

Case Study: Print-workflow at Berliner Woche

Simple, efficient editorial workflows and seamless connectivity to JJK

Case Study: Berliner Woche switches to online portal with Gogol Publishing

Case Study: Berliner Woche

Measurable Success: Page views have increased by 66% directly following the switchover.

Case Study: Cockpits

Case Study: Gogol Cockpits

A tailor-made, action-oriented analysis tool directly in the system

Case Study: Interfaces

Case Study: Interfaces

Gogol Publishing can be seamless connected to other market-leading systems.

Case Study: Content Delivery

Case Study: Content Delivery

Content delivery without email workflows: From anywhere and directly in print layout

Case Study: WVW/ORA

Case Study: WVW/ORA

Efficiency through seamless print production and optimal integration of reporters.

Case Study: The Gogol Author-Relationship-Management (ARM)

Case Study:

New Means of Implementing the Legal Frameworks.