Citizen journalists

Citizen journalists. Facts about the myths

Gogol Publishing is a provider of online portals which enables the integration of Citizen Journalists contents as User Generated Content (UGC).

There are already more then 500,000 Citizen Journalists writing on these portals. Strong local Citizen Journalists Communitys can be lively forums of their location or their region. Connected to Local Newspaper Publishers or Weekly Papers they open up the benefits of digital possibilities: easy discoverableness, diverse themes and room for every article.

A selection of our customers who integrates Citizen Journalists

390,000 Regionauten (07/17) 2.1 millions of articles (07/17)
98,395 Citizen Journalists (07/17) 727,500 articles (07/17)
61,800 Citizen Journalists (07/17) 760,000 articles (07/17)
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
7,000 Citizen Journalists (07/17) 41,000 articles (07/17)
Berliner Woche
18,000 Citizen Journalists (07/17) 119,000 articles (07/17)
7,000 Citizen Journalists (07/17) 29,000 articles (07/17)

Gogol Publishing is the specialist for the topic citizen journalism

By now we run more than 20 successful portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, currently including more than 480,000 citizen journalists. These include:

Brochure “Citizen Journalists – Facts about the myth”

Figures, knowledge and success factors of 25 Local Newspaper Portals with mit Gogol Technology, on which over 500,000 Citizen Journalists write – reduced to 10 thesis. They answer the question why our company thinks, that User Generated Content in the form of Citizen Journalists are the future of local media.

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Case Studys of customers who integrates Citizen Journalists

Case Study: Lokalkompass

Case Study: Lokalkompass

Learn how by using the Gogol Publising solution with, the WVW/ORA did create a web presence with strongest reach of all advertising papers in Germany.
Case Study: Mitteldeutsch Zeitung

Case Study: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

The case study Mitteldeutsche Zeitung demonstrates, how exclusive contents by reader reporters can lead to the multiplication of page views.
Fallstudie: Leserreporter

Case Study: Local Reader Reporter Portals

Minimal effort, great benefit: In this case study we show, how reader reporters function at the local level – if one is serious about it.

More information about the topic

If local newspaper publishers consider to take Citizen Journalists on board and extend their media offer with articles of user generated content, they are often concerned: they fear that a community can only be operated with large efford, brings little benefit and will face you with misuse by weirdoes and trolls. Furthermore there is the problem of the liability. What if users post copyrighted or other material that is legal questionable? Those questions about Citizen Journalist portals are not necessary if they are managed properly. More information of the topic you will find in our studies or in the following blogposts.