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Multi-channel publishing and author management for newspapers

With Gogol’s Author Relationship Management (ARM), publishers can manage their most valuable resource: their authors.

It is available either in standalone or together with the Gogol multi-channel editorial system, which, according to a study by Kirchner & Robrecht, is among the leading systems for newspapers.

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With Gogol ARM, newspaper publishers can manage their most important resource: their authors

Similar to how CRM systems have revolutionised sales, Gogol Author Relationship Management (ARM) helps publishers to systematically manage their most valuable resource of the authors. In this way, potential success towards safeguarding the company longer term can be built up – the acquisition and engagement of the best authors, the strengthening of journalistic content and increasing cost and process efficiencies.

The Gogol-ARM is based on over 10 years of experience in our multichannel editorial system, which Kirchner+Robrecht have suggested in their whitepaper as one of the leading systems for local newspapers. Gogol-ARM is now also available as a standalone addition to existing editorial systems. It integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes.

Gogol ARM

Strengthening of Journalistic Content

Strengthening of Journalistic Content

“With a consistent digital reproduction of all processing steps between author and publisher, the quantity as well as quality of journalistic content can be improved. The volume of local content published doubled within five years among clients having employed Gogol-ARM. Authors can improve the quality of their content both systematically and continuously by using the feedback process embedded within the system.

Cost and process efficiencies for safeguarding financial footing

Gogol-ARM integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes and, through its conception as Software as a Service, is extremely simple and highly flexible. It assists you in the process of reproducing all workflows entirely digitally and remaining fully intact. Many processing steps can be automated using digitisation. Experiences with existing clients have shown that costs per content can be reduced by up to 70%.

Cost and process efficiencies

New ways in the design of legal requirements (Compliance)

Journalistische Inhalte

With Gogol Publishing, freelance workers do not need a workstation within the editorial office. They can work from anywhere at all using only a standard computer and browser. The freelancer receives clearly defined assignments, which can also be easily documented. With clearly restricted rights, they access what they require for their particular assignment. Articles can also be submitted according to a pre-defined volume.

How we work with our customers

Gogol Publishing is a media-neutral and multi-channel editorial system – employed either as a fully-fledged, all-in-one solution or integrable as component parts into existing systems. Workflows can be newly conceived with Gogol and analytic tools integrated into the system also permit the rapid learning of more. Potentials can be discovered and implemented through regular benchmarking. An agile project approach and provision of the solution in the form of software-as-a-service ensures participation in the continuous development of the system against the rapid flux of the media world. In times of transition, project as well as system success depends more on the method of project planning or system implementation than on the individual features.

Agile project approach

Since all channels can be produced entirely within a browser, Gogol can provide customers with the basic framework of a productive system within just a few weeks.Particular parts of the system can thus be used to directly clarify various questions both of the system or in the system. Later users of the system will become co-developers and, from the outset, form an equal footing in their project with the provider.

Case study: Agile versus waterfall

Content delivery directly in the system

Content delivery

Content delivery happens location-independently and channel-neutrally with Gogol Publishing. Content and articles can be collected in the system regardless of where from and regardless of which device. For reporters and freelancers, this means they can be constantly on the move and report from the scene of an event or even work from home. Within the system, a full overview of production progress is available at any time, including make-up, classifieds and advertising themes.

Case Study: Content Delivery

Analytical tools integral to the system

Content within the Gogol system is always to be looked upon in the context of its metadata. These intelligently derive from extraction, weighted models and measured values towards inquiries and visitor acquisition, as well as visitor segments. The user/author can focus on content and the system then enriches this with metadata which can be collected across all channels. In the Gogol Publishing cloud, this can be viewed in the real-time cockpits. The ability to show authors how their articles perform is fundamentally new. In this way, the publisher can get across to their authors what is important to them.

Case Study: Cockpits

Analytical tools integral to the system

Discover and implement potentials: Benchmarking


Together with the customer, Gogol defines at the project start the jointly borne Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Additionally, benchmarks are used to create a general KPI grid for orientating the customer in the category comparison. As long as the customer adheres to this type of measurability, comparability and controllability, this will become enshrined as a lasting project component. The specific values accessible in the Gogol system serve the individual user in offering a supplementary and quantitatively underpinned perspective as required to extract relevant potentials.

Participation in continuous development

A continuous development takes place using Gogol by systematic customer integration. By classic concepts, on the one hand, such as customer-specific enhancements and strategic development partnerships. Customers are invited, on the other hand, to openly share with Gogol the data generated and measurable within the application. In doing so, further developments supported analytically and validated by A/B testing, for example, can be optimally and, in particular, efficiently aimed at those particular user requirements. Lastly, Gogol offers no finished product, but instead the participation in a continuous further development of the platform.

Participation in continuous development

Provision as software-as-a-service


All modules from Gogol Publishing are provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS). In doing so, tailor-made and at all times scalable services of calculable cost stand available to our customers. The customer pays only for the modules actually used. Additionally, no individual investments in hardware or software are necessary, with updates and maintenance work performed regularly at no cost. With no training needs, the browser-based software from Gogol Publishing is very simple to operate from anywhere and at any time at all. All modules can be reached through a standard browser and Internet connection. Processes become even more efficient by way of location-independent work.

    • Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      „The ability to intervene immediately before print and the speed with which articles can be modivied or even replaced in the paper: This has been the greatest advantage to our editorial staff.“

The web-based, multi-channel editorial system

The editorial system from Gogol Publishing is based on a media-neutral approach. The system always knows which content in which version is published on which channel and can also easily synchronise the differences between these versions. It is always known also which images and texts are used together, so that a publication over several channels becomes very easy to achieve.

Print Production System (PPS)

Print Production System (PPS)

The Print Production System (PPS) from Gogol Publishing is the ideal tool for the cost-effective production of daily newspapers. It can be integrated over an interface into existing system landscapes for page layout.

Wide-reaching online portal

Wide-reaching online portal

The online portal provides extensive tools for the curation of content. Content from the online portal is distributed widely using the well established functions of search engines and social media optimisation.

Channel-neutral content management

Channel-neutral content management

The Content Management System (CMS) from Gogol Publishing is the central, channel-neutral system for managing content. This is where authors create, edit and organise transparent, accountable content according to fixed privileges and roles.

ePapers on numerous channels

ePapers on numerous channels

The e-Papers from Gogol Publishing are optimised so that they can be provided to readers across numerous channels. Optionally, an ePaper app for downloading can also be arranged.

Versatile app offerings

Versatile app offerings

One of these is the mobile reporter app, aimed at registered authors of the online portal and providing the option of reporting on the move, either in detailed articles or in simple snapshots.


Extensive metadata

Metadata is generated into content and media assets, and also saved by Gogol Publishing. Contents and media assets thus possess selected core characteristics, such as keywords (tags) etc.

Integration and Management of Authors

Integration and Management of Authors

Authors can create content from anywhere at all. They have extensive tools available to them for conveying maximal reach to every article and also to view statistics about their articles.

Arranging content - flexibly and dynamically

Arranging content – flexibly and dynamically

Content from the CMS can be disposed to the various channels. Extensive curatory options allow the pages to be flexibly populated with content.

Digital Revenue Sources for Publishers

Digital Revenue Sources for Publishers

The Gogol Publishing System offers a multitude of modules for the marketing of digital reach such as banners and native content advertising, right through to the classified ads market.



Content can be collected channel-neutrally from anywhere at all with the most varied of end devices. Freelancers can pre-compose their articles and then deliver these to editorial staff.



With clearly restricted rights, freelancers access what they require for their particular assignment. Articles can also be submitted according to a pre-defined volume.

Connect all common systems reliably and conveniently

Using Gogol Cloud Connect, publishers can very easily connect parts of their existing systems and products with Gogol Publishing, or integrate it completely into their software environment – at no cost or operational risks.

Connect all common systems reliably and conveniently
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