Local authorities

Applications for local authorities

Gogol Publishing can also be applied to the requirements of local authorities.

Local associations and other urban groups are able to present themselves and regularly report about their activities. Private citizens also have the opportunity to report about the happenings in their neighbourhood. With the help of the editorial software local citizens can be informed regularly about initiatives, enactments and urban projects on real paper – a gazette 2.0, so to speak.

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Town of Pfaffenhofen

With gogol Publishing, the administration of Pfaffenhofen operates an interactive information website about citizen engagement and citizen dialogue in their town.

PDF   Bürgerbeteiligung 2.0


Local event reports and informations from registered citizen journalists all over Baden-Wuerttemberg. Here too there are the latest news about themes like sports, leisure, cultur, nature and many more categories as well as advisors and events of the region.