Corporate Publishing – Web-to-Print

Corporate publishing with web-to-print workflow

Corporate publishing as simple, efficient, and error-free as web-to-print-based catalog production

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The print production tool by Gogol Publishing allows mydays to unfold the entire spectrum of magic-boxes in one robust and quick workflow. Due to the template-based typesetting, the editor is able to make any necessary changes like in open InDesign. What has to stay unchanged – like fonts or the basic structure of the layout – is saved. With additional features, like propagation, mydays is bound to reach extremely high standards in quality assurance, all with minimal input.

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Corporate Publishing

Features of the print production system for corporate publishing

The print production system by Gogol Publishing combines the advantages of a server-based production with the benefits of typesetting in open InDesign.

Template-basierter Satz

Template-based typesetting

  • Browser-based typesetting without any add-on software – with functions like in open InDesign
  • Easy generation and managing of templates with Adobe InDesign
  • Templates are defined once and used over and over again
Einfaches Anpassen der Templates

Flexible Templates

  • No rigid templates – all important and desired modifications can be executed directly in the browser
  • Modification of template size
  • Adjustment of image dimensions and text frames
Vererbung / Kopieren

Propagation / Copying

  • Propagation of distinct contents or entire pages
  • Copying of distinct contents, content groups, or entire pages into other issues
  • Ideal for the management of for example GTC or advertisements
Workflows und Rechtemanagement

Workflows and management of rights

  • Flexible system of rights and roles – every member can only access a defined set of responsibilities
  • Assign issues to editors, access template library, generate issues, move contents, etc.
  • Freely definable workflows
Seiten- und Ausgabenplanung

Page and issue planning

  • Entirely web-based page and issue planning
  • Instant access to current state of production from anywhere with any internet-enabled terminal device
  • Templates for issues or pages, in order to rapidly generate new products
Indesign Server Technologie

InDesign server technology

  • Large InDesign server cluster
  • Print profiles, fonts, etc. manageable as in stationary InDesign
  • Secured communication with print shop
  • Proven quality of print product
  • Optionally incorporate automated image processing
  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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Advantages for corporate publishers


All inclusive through software as a service: server cost, hosting, software updates, maintenance


About 200 print products are regularly generated with Gogol Publishing. All best-practices components are already embedded in the software. You always have the latest software version and take advantage of our experts as well as the feedback of other clients.

Easy, easy, easy

The complete software package is designed to be used without instructions or training. More than 400,000 users already work with a solution from Gogol Publishing.

More and more publishers switch to Gogol Publishing

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