Advertising Newspaper Publishers

The system of the No. 1* advertising paper publishers

Measured by circulation, some 17% of advertising paper publishers of the BVDA already use the Gogol Publishing System for all channels, with large as well as smaller publishers trusting in the system.

(*The market leaders from Germany and Austria are using Gogol Publishing.)

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    • Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      „The ability to intervene immediately before print and the speed with which articles can be modified or even replaced in the paper: This has been the greatest advantage to our editorial staff.“

    • Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG

      Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG

      „The individual production stages are all interlinked with one another and part of a modern workflow. We also have a powerful online portal, which fits our requirements optimally.“

    • Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor Westdeutsche Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft

      Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor WVW

      „At, our advertising papers have consolidated their market position as a medium of both local and sub-local focus, while additionally tapping into new readers and sales potential.“

Reduce costs, generate additional revenues

Free papers have to face an ever stronger growing competition especially in the digital area. With the software from Gogol Publishing, you can make your existing system more efficient and also tap into new digital revenue streams.


Efficient print production

The Print Production System (PPS) is the ideal tool for the cost-effective production of weekly newspapers. It can be integrated over an interface into existing system landscapes for page layout.


Wide-reaching online portal

The online portal provides extensive tools for the curation of content. Content from the online portal is distributed widely using the well established functions of search engines and social media optimisation.


Digital Revenue Sources for Publishers

The Gogol Publishing system offers a variety of modules for the marketing of digital reach, from banners and native content advertising through to classified ads – or even a job market and company directory.

E-Mail Workflows

E-Mail Workflows

Content can be collected channel-neutrally from anywhere at all with the most varied of end devices. Freelancers can pre-compose their articles and then deliver these to editorial staff.



With clearly restricted rights, freelancers access what they require for their particular assignment. Articles can also be submitted according to a pre-defined volume.

Digitale Erlösquellen

Digital Revenue Sources

From the classifieds and jobs markets through to obituary portals, there are now well over 10 different high-performance modules aimed at digital marketing.

Personalisierte News und mobile Reporter App

Easy reporting on the move

The personalised news and mobile reporter app is tailored to registered authors of the online portal and provides the option of reporting on the move, either in detailed articles or in simple snapshots.


Create ePapers with just one click

The e-Papers from Gogol Publishing are optimised so that they can be provided to readers across numerous channels. Optionally, an ePaper app for downloading can also be arranged.

Content Management System

Manage content from anywhere whatsoever

The Content Management System (CMS) from Gogol Publishing is the central, channel-neutral system for managing content. This is where authors create, edit and organise transparent, accountable content according to fixed privileges and roles.


Extensive metadata

Metadata is generated into content and media assets, and also saved by Gogol Publishing. The basis for many intelligent services is formed this way (marketing, author cockpits or article recommendations).


Integration and management of authors

Embedded directly within their workflows, authors have statistics and tools available which allow them to adorn every article with maximal reach.


Arrange content – flexibly and dynamically

Content from the editorial system can be arranged for various channels, such as print and online, and also displayed in a context-sensitive and time-specific nature.

Connect all common systems reliably and conveniently

Using Gogol Cloud Connect, publishers can very easily connect parts of their existing systems and products with Gogol Publishing, or integrate it completely into their software environment – at no cost or operational risks.

Connect all common systems reliably and conveniently
  • Dr. Matthias Möller, Head of Marketing

    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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