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Gogol Publishing offers multi-channel editorial and author management systems for newspapers, advertising papers, corporate publishing or special interest publishers.

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Local Newspaper Publishers

Local Newspaper Publishers

With Gogol’s Author Relationship Management (ARM), publishers can manage their most valuable resource: their authors. It is available either in standalone or together with the Gogol multi-channel editorial system, which, according to a study by Kirchner & Robrecht, is among the leading systems for newspapers.

Advertising Newspaper Publishers

Advertising Newspaper Publishers

Measured by circulation, some 17% of advertising paper publishers of the BVDA already use the Gogol Publishing System for all channels, with large as well as smaller publishers trusting in the system. The market leaders from Germany and Austria are using Gogol Publishing.

Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing as simple, efficient, and error-free as web-to-print-based catalog production. With flexible author management to innovative customer and employee periodicals.

Special Interest

Special Interest

When it comes to special interest titles, the readers are the experts. Flexibly integrate external authors and achieve more content and coverage.

Local authorities

Local authorities

Operate community portals with the software from Gogol Publishing and effortlessly produce printed regional papers.

    • Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      Carina Brugger, Channel Managerin Print, Regionalmedien Austria AG

      „The ability to intervene immediately before print and the speed with which articles can be modified or even replaced in the paper: This has been the greatest advantage to our editorial staff.“

    • Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG

      Stephan Schrader, Managing Director Wochenblatt-Verlag Schrader GmbH & Co. KG

      „The individual production stages are all interlinked with one another and part of a modern workflow. We also have a powerful online portal, which fits our requirements optimally.“

    • Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor Westdeutsche Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft

      Thomas Knackert, Managing Editor WVW

      „At, our advertising papers have consolidated their market position as a medium of both local and sub-local focus, while additionally tapping into new readers and sales potential.“

Successes amidst our customers: Case studies

Case Study Regionalmedien Austria AG

Case Study:
Regionalmedien Austria AG

The case study shows, how 129 newspapers by Austria’s No. 1 are successfully and easily produced with Gogol Publishing and published over all channels.

Case Study Lokalkompass

Case Study:
Das Onlineportal Lokalkompass

Learn how by using the Gogol Publising solution with, the WVW/ORA did create a web presence with strongest reach of all advertising papers in Germany.

Case Study Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt

Case Study:
Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt

Take the example of the Kreiszeitung Wochenblatt, to see how advertising papers can easily, reliably and cheaply publish with Gogol Publishing.

Case Study Berliner Woche

Case Study:
Berliner Woche

Measurable Success: Page views have increased by 66% directly following the switchover.

Case Study Print mit Online stärken

Case Study:
Online stärkt Print

This case study proves from a customer perspective the experience that a successful online portal in many respects aids classic print titles.

Case Study Leserreporter

Case Study:
Citizen Journalists

Minimal effort, great benefit: In this case study we show, how reader reporters function at the local level – if one is serious about it.

Case Study Cockpits

Case Study:

A tailor-made, action-oriented analysis tool directly in the system

Case Study Schnittstellen

Case Study:

Gogol Publishing can be seamless connected to other market-leading systems.

Case Study Inhaltsanlieferung

Case Study:

Content delivery without email workflows: From anywhere and directly in print layout

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    Dr. Matthias Möller
    Head of Marketing

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Ever more publishers are switching to Gogol Publishing.

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